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July 15th 2014

New Yess!

The long anticipated new yess frame has finally arrived! Now to build it up for Radfest...

July 13th 2014

British National Cup, Bracken Rocks!

The fourth round of the British National cup was held at Bracken Rocks outside of Matlock. The sections were set in dry conditions and it rained overnight making everything wet slick and muddy. Some of these sections were very hard to near impossible in these conditions. Luckily throughout the day the sections dried making them easier. I was not having the best day, fiving most of the sections. Dave Kerr had a similar first lap but recover on his second lap putting himself in 2nd place. And Jack Carthy was riding well as he does, taking the top spot.

July 5th-July 7th 2014

Nottingham, Sherwood Forest, and Tour de France!

On our Quest to find Robin Hood we started at Nottingham Castle, only to find no castle at all. Apparently some Nobleman back in the day decided to tear down the castle and put a mansion on top. The front castle wall still remains and the mansion provides an eclectic tour of random stuff, art gallery, and robin hood history. The mansion was also burnt down by a riot because the duke was a jerk basically... if you want to know more google it. The one thing that I did learn is that back in the day, there was no dictionary so people would spell things differently from others. So Robin Hood had many spellings like Robben Hodye, etc.

Our medieval quest continues in Sherwood Forest at Major Oak where robin hood and his merry men would meet. It was a nice walk in the forest with some lovely old oaks. Look the health care system in UK is soo good even the trees get treatment with old age!

On Monday at lunch the Tour de France decided to drop by. The third stage started in Cambridge and we went down to the city centre to see the start. All these pictures summarize everything we saw. Huge crowds, a parade of team vehicles, some riders, and the Cambridge dolphin. Can you spot him? These guys are definitely the rock stars of cycling.

June 28th 2014

Exploring Hunstanton

This weekend we decided to go to the ocean, one of the nearest places being Hunstanton. The day was not the best, be cold and a little rain but I got some practice in on some rocks.

June 25th 2014

Gym, ride, eat, sleep... and 20 Minute Cake!

When training for elite level competition if is important to train accordingly. When working full time this can be a challenge, luckily I have a lovely wife to make me excellent meals!

When you need to show your appreciation to your special someone, a cake is a great way to do it. First thing you do is tell them your going to make them a cake. Second, pretend like you don't know what your doing... because I'm guessing your like me and don't. Then thirdly follow this recipe to make a cake in 20ish minutes! Mmmmm Mmm!

Pre-heat oven to 180 C, and then Mix the following ingredients:
- 5 table spoons of self rising flour
- 2 table spoons of sugar
- one egg
- one slice of butter (0.5x4x6cm ish)
Add a dash of milk to make the dough spreadable. Then butter the pan ( I used a flat pan like a cookie sheet ), spread the dough on at approximately 1 cm thick. Cook for 15-18mins at 180 degrees C. While cooking cut two peaches and mix with 1 tablespoon apricot jam, and 1 table spoon dried cocoanut. Once the cake is finished baking, cut in half and layer with the peach toppings in the middle and on top. Done in 20mins if you're speedy!

June 20th-June 22nd 2014

Stone Henge and Hook Woods Trial!

So the plan was to drive 2 hrs to Stone Henge on Friday night and sleep in the car until sunrise for the second half of the summer solstice festival at Stone Henge. This was not how it worked out unfortunately. We left at 12am, and decided to take the longer route through Oxford just to say we went to Oxford. After taking a few wrong turns google maps on android a sumsung phone, we were unknowingly following the longest route possible to Stone Henge! Who are these guys that work on android phones ;). We ended up arriving at 4:30 am just in time for the sunset.

The Summer Solstist festival had a lot of interesting people! There was people holahooping, painting, drumming and dancing, people doing yoga. And there was the largest collection of hippy vans I have seen anywhere in the car park! After the sun was at a reasonable height we had our celebratory cutlets and went and slept in the car for a few hours.

Upon awaking from our very brief sleep we drove to Hook woods for one of the Crowthorne Trials. Saturday was a day of practice and fun games including a mini bike speed way. Sunday was the competition in which placed third. We also had a side hope over bar competition after the trial. Scott Wilson and I had a epic long battle of going higher and higher 5mm at a time it seemed. I eventually took the win some where around 51 inches. After this weekend was done I think we all felt like this young rider who couldn't even wake up to receive his award!

June 8th 2014

Big Blue!

This Weekend we bought a car! It's name is big blue or pan bage, which translates to half a loaf of bread. We are planning to take big blue across to mainland Europe and use it for camping. Time to make some upgrades!! We also rented some bikes to get around.

May 27th-June 3rd 2014

UCI Trials World Cup #1 Krakow, Poland!

It is always great to go to event and have a great city to explore as well. Krakow has some amazing churches, squares and history. We visited many of these great sights!

The event was held in the square outside galleria krakowska which is a main mall and train station in krakow. The quarter finals started in the rain and things were a bit damp but everything was grippy. The sections were not that technical but had some big moves. Since I am recovering from a separated shoulder I wasn't as prepared as I would have like to be but I managed to qualify into the semi-finals. Here is a video of some of the elite 26 semi final warm up.

The Semifinals had many big ups and gaps that I couldn't do but seem so easy for the top ten riders! Look at all the cleans! I need to get back to the gym and work on my jumps. I ended up placing 19th overall.

The finals and super finals had some even more massive ups and gaps. The was no real section that seperated the riders apart. Alot of the riders, including myself were commenting how the sections were not very technical. But I think this make it even harder to win because everyone has a shot and you need to be perfect. All I can say is go Giacamo! See the highlights of all the categories below!

womans highlights

20 superfinal highlights

26 superfinal highlights

On the Monday after the competition we went to visited Auschwitz. It's a very sad part of humanity and the tour shows the reality that was WWII. We recommend you go if you are ever in Krakow. The first picture shows the death line ups, where they would make selections on who lives. General it was only a few on the right side.

May 24th-26th 2014

Tarty Days and Warwick Castle!

This last week we got settled into our new home, Cambridge UK! The first things that you need to get when you more to a new place are as follows: furniture, SIM card, bank account. All three of these things are not an easy task. Because we are staying for only three months it made sense to rent furniture and we found a company called Instant Home to provide the best deals when getting the basics; bed, table, chairs, couch. One key when getting furniture delivered to your new home make sure you actually read where they are planning on delivering it to! Monday morning they were planning to meet Dona at our appartment to drop off the furniture. Luckily I check my email because instant homes emailed me asking where I was. I had to run back to the appartment from work to find them trying to deliver the furniture to a different house number.

The next two items, a SIM and a bank account are not as easy as one might think to get. For the SIM there are many options in the UK the most value option was Labara giving 3Gb/month for pay as you go. Obviously contracts would not work in our situation, which is the same problem for bank accounts. Many banks in the UK require a 6 month residency to get an account luckily Barclays does not. Ok, were almost ready for the biking news, but not yet. First, the Cambridge beer festival! We fortunately arrived just in time for the week long beer festival. This event in May is where you can try over one hundred different craft beers in one place! They have a giant tent the size of a football (american) field and you have as many options of beer as you can think of. They also had great breads, meats, cheeses along with other food vendors. For the non beer drinkers (cough Dona) they also had meads, cidars and wines.

OK, Tarty Days 2014! I managed to rent a car, from Europcar, and drive it on the worng side of the road for the first time!... scary because the cars they rent out are brand new with no scratches at all and a 1000 pound deductible! The driving was not too bad because I have had experience riding bikes on the road. One comment I can make is that england is full of race car drivers! No wonder they like Top Gear. The roads are narrow and winding and the speed limit is 50 plus miles/hour!

Tarty Bikes held this years tarty days at Radical Bikes, a bike park in barrow farm. The Saturday was fun but wet and very muddy. Dona and I signed up for rider coaching and Tom Rankin graciously gave us some tips and made us some sections.

The second day was alot dryer. They had the eliminator competition, which is a course that gets progressively harder and whom ever gets the farthest without putting a foot down. The last move was a giant gap up to a log that was 8 feet off the ground. I made it all the way to that big gap and ended up second to Ben Slinger. The World Champions, Vince Hermance and Abel Mustieles put there foot down on the trampoline and earlier parts of the course. Vince was the only one to make it all the way!

At the end of tartydays Vince, Abel, Ben, and Mark put on a demo which was judged. Checkout this video of some of the unreal riding!

On the monday after tarty days, May 26th our one month wedding anniversary(!!), we went to Warwick Castle. This castle is a great attraction not only for the fact that its a castle, but because it has alot of history that goes along with it. You can tour the inside of the castle and see the different rooms decorated in different time periods spanning from way back to more recent. Check out this pic from inside the castle walls! Next weekend is Poland!!
May 15th 2014

The adventure begins! We are starting our Europe expedition. When I say we I am talking about myself, Jeff Anderson, and my wife Dona. We are moving to Europe for six months and I will be blogging about our travels and trialsin. The plan is to train for and compete in international Trials competitions specifically the UCI Trials World Cup and UCI Trials World Championships.

This travel begins with Dona and I traveling to Cambridge UK. I have been lucky enough to be working for a company that has offices all over the world and one of them being here in Cambridge. I will be working in Cambridge for the first half of our trip. And taking leave for the second half to focus on bike trials. So thank you Broadcom for the opportunity to be closer to where the action is. Stay tooned for more exciting updates, the first competition is on May 30th in Krakow Poland!

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